Digital Commerce Scorecard

Complete the Digital Commerce Scorecard with your team to evaluate your ecommerce capabilities across the four dimensions of Strategy, Acquisition, Conversion and Loyalty. See how your investment in ecommerce compares with leading organisations.


What is Digital Commerce?

Digital Commerce is a term used to describe the combination of processes, systems and activities that take place within an organisation to generate revenues from the sale of products or services through digital channels. Digital commerce encompasses ecommerce and omnichannel endeavours.

What is the Digital Commerce Scorecard?

The Digital Commerce Scorecard is based on a proven framework of customer lifecycle management in both ecommerce and omnichannel commercial organisations.

There are four pillars and with five key dimensions within each pillar as follows:


The scorecard consists of 20 questions addressing the current status of each dimension of digital commerce in your organisation. The estimated time to complete the initial evaluation is 7 minutes.


The scorecard provides a grade of the relative digital commerce maturity of an organisation across strategy, acquisition, conversion and loyalty.

The scale is as follows, marked out of 100:

Not Started (<20) - an indication that the organisation has not meaningfully invested in any key aspects of digital commerce.

Early Stage (21-40) - investment has begun in some areas but still benchmarks well below leading organisations

Progressive (41-60) - an organisation is well on the way to digital growth with strong investment in some key areas of ecommerce

Mature (61-80) - demonstrates a clear commitment to digital commerce but still with some areas for further growth

Highly Evolved (81-100) - these are the benchmark organisations which are digitally enabled and already seeing strong growth

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