Just 1% of Sites Meet Speed Expectations

UK Load Times.png

By now everyone understands that page load speed is critical in meeting ecommerce customer expectations, with 47% of consumers expecting pages to load in less than 2 seconds.

In the UK 52% of e-retailers rate as poor, taking over 9 seconds to load. 14% of retailers take 15 seconds or longer to load. Google estimates that these e-retailers will be losing a minimum of 29% of all potential visitors through load time alone.

35% rated as fair, taking between 6 to 8 seconds to load. However, even this group will be losing about a quarter of all potential visitors (24 to 28%).

12% rated as good, taking 4 to 5 seconds to load and losing fewer than 20% of potential visitors (an estimated 10 to 19%).

Only 1% rated as excellent, taking under 4 seconds to load and expected to experience low levels of potential visitor loss.

Source: Visualsoft

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